Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Josephine Cowl {A free crochet pattern}

I absolutely love scarves. Fabric and fiber- love them both. For spring and summer, I'm all about a nice cotton gauze scarf, but the winter dictates something more cozy. Something soft.
That is where this scarf comes in. Winter has always been a time of tradition for me, and one tradition I must follow is the re-reading of some of my favorite books. One of these books is Little Women. Jo will always be my favorite, and so this comfy cowl is named for her. After you make this cowl {and believe me, it goes fast!}, grab some hot chocolate and your favorite worn book, and snuggle with this easy scarf!
A couple notes on this scarf: This scarf is crochet in the round. Make sure you don't twist the chains in the beginning when you form the loop. It won't look right.
Also, this is worked in the round. Do not turn work.
The scarf uses rows of dc then a few rows of sc. The tighter sc stitch forms rolls when the scarf is put on. It gives the appearance of lots of loops twisted around the neck with the comfort and lightness of only one. Very cool!
So, materials needed are:
Chunky weight yarn {6}, like Lion Brand Thick and Quick
The big mama of crochet hooks- a Q {15.75 mm}
sc------ single crochet
dc------ double crochet
ch------ chain
ss------- slip stitch
To start, ch 40. SS to first ch in row, making sure that the chains are not twisted.
Row 1: Ch .  Dc in the stitch where you ss into and ch 2. Dc in each stitch around. Join with a ss to first dc.  (40 dc)
row 2-4: repeat row 1 (40 dc)
Row 5-6: Ch 1.  sc in stitch where ss and ch 1 was made. sc in each stitch round. (40 sc)
*This is essentially the whole pattern. You will repeat these steps 2 more times, making sure that the scarf ends with 1 row of sc.
-So, there will be four rows of 40 dc
-2 rows of 40 sc
-4 rows of 40 dc
-2 rows of 40 sc
-4 rows of 40 dc
-1 rows of 40 sc
Fasten off and weave in ends!
That's it!
Didn't I tell you it would go fast?
And, you can pop it up for a hoodie, if you feel so inclined.
with the big sunglasses, the hood part feels very incognito!
Let me know what you think, and happy crocheting!!!!


  1. How many yards of yarn did you use for this pattern?

  2. After round 6 do you do 2 more rounds of sc for the total of 4 rounds of sc?

  3. Hi! How many skeins of yarn does this pattern require?
    Thank you - it's very very cute!!!

  4. Are we using two yarns at once? My loops look a bit loose.

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  6. Hi! skeins of LB T&Q did you use?
    Thank you!